We connect dental patients and practices so that more Australians can get the treatment they need. 


Preliminary diagnosis tool that helps patients and practices know what to expect before each visit 


Buy Now, Pay Later solution specifically designed for the dental industry


Because everyone should have access to dental care...

We're on a mission to transform the dental industry


We want to help more Australians improve their oral health by supporting their local dental practice. 

Our interactive dental diagnosis platform will make it easy for anyone to check their dental symptoms, get indicative costs and apply for finance where needed. 

We are currently piloting our Symptom Checker and Buy Now, Pay Later components.  

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We make going to the dentist pain-free. 

Understand your treatment options, costs and financing options before you open your mouth and say 'ahhhh'. 


We make scheduling, funding and retaining patients seamless. 

Avoid expensive scheduling mistakes and uncertain cash flow so that your practice is more effective and efficient. 

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About Us

The Tooth Market was founded by Dr Kris Thyer and Dr Kav Caldera. 

Working in private dentistry for 10 years, Kris and Kav were frustrated with how the industry does business. Going to the dentist is hard for many. The dental industry makes it harder than it needs to be. 

The industry is in need of a technological breakthrough. We've scoured the globe, looking for the perfect solution but all that exists is standalone, imperfect systems. 


There was no end-to-end solution that suited both dentists and their patients so The Tooth Market decided to build one. 

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“Dentistry is changing and our industry is in need of an ethical, technological solution. We are on a mission to make dentistry more accessible for all Australians.”
Dr Kris Thyer

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“I believe that dentistry needs to be more transparent for the average person and The Tooth Market is the first step in achieving that ideal interaction between dentist and patient."
Dr. Kav Caldera


Meet Flossy the Flossaraptor

Flossy guides patients through a series of steps to get a preliminary diagnosis so they can better plan for their dental appointment. 



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The Tooth Market

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